Motivational Issues

There can be many causes of low motivation and energy.

Sometimes you can feel completely unmotivated to do anything. Getting things done at work and home is a challenge. You can find there is little balance in your life – you stop cooking meals, find it difficult to exercise – overall lacking the necessary willpower or energy to start a particular task. Your energy then gets used up, or re-routed to indulge in something effortless like entertainment or food. Very quickly you can find yourself in a vicious cycle.

Causes of Motivational Issues

Talking to one of our team can help to pinpoint what is causing your lack of motivation. For example, it might be:

  • Social rejection – you think nobody would care either way
  • Feelings of isolation
  • Needs are neglected – you need to eat to feel well and you need to move your body daily
  • Lots of decisions to make – this can cause fatigue and exhaustion
  • Depression and other Mental Health Illnesses – low motivation can be a symptom of mental health issues.

There can be many causes of low motivation and energy, don’t let this go on for so long that your work, family, and well-being are affected adversely.

Motivational Therapist Coach Nowra
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  • Plan your day the night before – this can stop you from feeling overwhelmed in the morning and is a great way to help start the day.
  • Avoid distractions – close out of all social media accounts, websites or anything that could potentially cause a shift of mental focus and energy. Be efficient by staying focused.
  • Let others motivate you – listen to podcasts, music, read a book or watch something inspiring. This can help position yourself in the right mindset. Try to start your day reading an inspiring book.
  • Don’t neglect your health – eat well, exercise and try to sleep 8hrs a night.


Which Is Your Therapist?

Which Is Your Therapist?

To set the stage we spent our three day yearly retreat together in sharing, reflection and appreciation. At each of our retreats we start with reflection on our values- are they still relevant, are they a part of our clients journey and do we refer to them enough? Are there values we need to spend more time bringing into the company? 

Resolving Trauma

Resolving Trauma

I spend much of my time at work speaking with clients about their experiences of trauma. These are often deeply personal conversations which involve vulnerability and working through what can be confronting core beliefs and experiences.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”