Numerous factors can impact on a child’s behaviour and development.

Parenting is a difficult job and can at times feel overwhelming, with much worry about whether we are doing the ‘right’ things. Usually concerns are in regard to negative behaviours, meeting developmental milestones (such as speech and toileting), developmental delays, being different from others, school problems, anxiety, technology use and cyber bullying.

Parents can often express worries with a sense of fatalism or powerlessness. It is important to seek support in identifying how to cope with, and prevent, these risks by understanding the multiple behavioural and affective needs of children.

Part of this process will be identifying how you parent and developing anchor points for the parent child-relationship around mindfulness, lifelong learning, response flexibility, mind-sight, and joyful living. These skills will assist in helping children understand themselves and grow to their full potential despite any challenges they may face.

Behaviour and Development

Children are very changeable due to the amount of growing they are going through in early years to teenage years. The bottom brain is built by the age of 5 years old and the top brain is not built until the age of 25. The building of brains, and hormonal development, has an enormous impact on psychological and emotional well-being, and consequently behaviours.

There can be a number of factors that impact on a child’s behaviour and development. Speaking with one of our psychologists can help identify contributing factors, and which interventions and strategies will be most beneficial. The psychologist will work holistically with the family, child and school to minimise any harmful effects of behaviour.

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Child Psychologist Berry
Child Psychologist Nowra


  • Children in their natural state do not behave in a way to distress themselves or others.
  • Retelling the story, including both the context and the emotions of the event, greatly helps a child to both understand the experiences and feel the comfort of an empathetic adult.
  • All children are different and develop at different rates.


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What Psychological Assessment might my child or I need?

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“The brain is designed to generally take care of the development of the basic foundations for normal development – we just need to provide the interactive and reflective experiences, not excessive sensory bombardment or physical stimulation, which the growing social brains of children need.”

Daniel Siegel and Mary Hartzell – ‘Parenting From The Inside Out’