Psychological testing can be used for a range of purposes from intervention and diagnosis, to treatment. Each assessment provides different types of information to assist the circle of carers around a child, especially parents and teachers.

Why are psychological assessments performed?

Psychological assessments are useful tools that assist teachers in providing the best learning environment for your child. Sometimes more information about a child is needed to make the best decisions about their education or wellbeing. Each assessment provides different types of information, so the appropriate assessment required will be determined by the psychologist in consultation with a child’s parents. These assessments might be to measure your child’s cognitive ability, to compare their behaviour to others of the same age, to work out what level of academic skill they possess, or a range of other areas of concern.

A psychological assessment is different to a classroom or teacher assessment, as it enables a standardised gauge of how your child is performing in comparison to other children of the same age and gender. The assessments used by a psychologist are scientific research-based measurement tools that have been rigorously developed to give accurate and meaningful evidence.

How long will it take?

There are often several components to assessments, sometimes including sections for the child, teacher, and parent to complete and individual interviews. Each assessment takes approximately 1.5 – 2 hours to complete. There is also time before the assessment to get to know you and your child, and go through any paperwork. During the actual assessment, it is advised that you do not stay in the room with the child as this can have an impact on the results. You are welcome to stay in our waiting area or go to one of the many coffee shops in Berry. 

Please note there is no preparation that can be done to achieve a higher score on these assessments and sometimes more than one assessment is recommended if it is a complex situation.

What happens with the results? 

Once the assessment is completed, it takes 1 – 2 weeks for the report to be completed. An appointment will be made to go through the results. At this time, you will receive a copy of the report, which will include recommendations for the classroom and at home.  This is an opportunity to discuss what the results could mean and how to use them in relation to the initial reason the assessment was undertaken.

A one-page Learner Profile will also be included that may be useful to give to the class teacher.

Assessments available at Shoalhaven Psychology

  • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – Fifth Edition: WISC-V: is an internationally recognised complex measure of cognitive ability for children 6 – 16 years old.
  • The Wechsler Individual Achievement Test, Third Edition: WIAT-III: is an in-depth assessment of key academic skills in reading, math, written language and oral language for individuals 4 – 50 years of age. 
  • Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence – Fourth Edition: WPPSI-IV: is an internationally recognised complex measure of cognitive ability for children 3 – 7 years old.
  • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – Fourth Edition: WAIS-IV: provides the most advanced measure of cognitive ability and intelligence for adults and older adolescents.
  • ADHD Assessments
  • Adaptive Behaviour Assessments
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments

Assessment Fees

Full Psycho-Educational Assessment (for Specific Learning Difficulties and ADHD) $1550

What it involves:

  • Initial Parent Consultation – 1 hour
  • Cognitive (IQ) Assessment – 2 hours
  • Functional Assessment – 1 hour
  • Achievement Assessment (WIAT-III) – 2 hours
  • Report Preparation – 3.5 hours
  • Parent and Young Person Feedback – 1 hour
Autism Assessments $1700

What it involves:

  • Parent Comprehensive Interview – 2 hours
  • Clinical Observation and Assessment of Child – 2 hours
  • Observation at School – 1 hour plus travel time
  • Report Preparation
  • Parent and Young Person Feedback
  • If a cognitive assessment is required as part of the assessment an additional 2-hour session is required with a cost of $450.
Intellectual Disability Assessments $1320

What it involves:

  • Initial Parent Consultation
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Functional Assessment
  • Report Preparation
  • Parent Feedback Consultation
Cognitive Assessments $900

What it involves:

  • Parent initial Conversation
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Report Preparation
  • Parent Feedback Consultation
  • If needed, a one-page document is supplied to the child’s school for recommendations to be implemented
  • If you would like an achievement test as well it is another $400.00

Medicare Rebates apply for children referred by a doctor under the ‘Helping with Autism Initiative’. Private funds do not typically offer a rebate for assessments.

If you have a current NDIS package for your child/young person these assessments may be covered under your package. Please talk to us beforehand if you have any questions about this process.

“He told me that his teachers reported that… he was mentally slow, unsociable, and adrift forever in his foolish dreams.”

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