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About Illawarra & Shoalhaven Psychology Services

Why choose us?

At Shoalhaven Psychology in Berry and Kiama we are interested in helping people resolve issues they feel are getting in the way of reaching their potential. We believe in whole well-being and addressing all aspects of the self internally and externally to attain capacity for processing and adapting in life.

There are many reasons someone might want to access a psychologist. Often clients identify patterns in their lives they want to change, or people close to them have encouraged them to seek help. We often rely on our loved ones, work colleagues and friends to point out to us things we struggle to see in ourselves. It can help to come and speak to one of our trained listeners to get clarification and direction on these issues.

Seeking help does not mean you have ‘failed’, you cannot cope, or there is something ‘wrong’ with you. In the process of therapy, we are learning about the different layers of our consciousness and experience, in physiological, biological, mental and social contexts.

We can help guide your potential to attain and develop the capacity for processing change and adapting in life. This means establishing an understanding of how our view of the external world enables us to see our internal mechanisms and vice versa; how internal adjustments can empower us to create our external realities. Life is not a permanent state; we are in constant change. Therapy can assist us to attain ‘flow’ through the ability to better differentiate between these states, and negotiate them with appropriateness, skillfulness, and clarity.

Berry’s leading psychology practice

Shoalhaven Psychology Services is a leading private practice in Berry and Kiama; and the greater Shoalhaven region.

Our work is innovative, ethical, and of the highest International standard.

Experience transformational change

We will support your courage in finding new ways to grow and experience transformational change. Our team is highly motivated and give you more than 100% every time.

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth, or back into safety”. Abraham Maslow


Our Values

At Shoalhaven Psychology we apply our values to every aspect of your experience with us. We will work with you in an environment that fosters:

  • Care
  • Gratitude
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Happiness
  • Service

We provide exceptional care and respect, creating a culture of warmth where everyone is welcome and feels safe. Our psychologists work hard in their own lives to maintain balance, so they can give you the deep commitment required to build a trusting therapeutic relationship. You can expect your therapist to be present, connecting with transparency, dignity and respect. Our psychologists’ personal qualities are important in this setting: they have high emotional intelligence, are empathic, kind, gentle, humble, and down to earth. We are dedicated to providing excellence with openness and an inspiring, supportive commitment to your growth.

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Shoalhaven Psychology Services Values

Shoalhaven Psychology Services Values

Humility. Equality. Growth. Gratitude. These are the four core values that represent what we stand for and how we provide our services at Shoalhaven Psychology Services.

Birthday Bonanza Giveaway

Birthday Bonanza Giveaway

To celebrate the second birthday of our Kiama office, we are throwing a week long Birthday Bonanza Giveaway and gifting you with some of our favourite things – including a stay at Bangalay Luxury Villas!

“You are searching the world for treasure, but the real treasure is yourself”